PR Request 2020-06-10-1 – Mr Kamoot emails

Ray Washington <>
Mr. Bielarski,
I have been retained to represent Gainesville Citizens CARE, Inc. in a case involving GRU’s denial of GC CARE’s June 10, 2020 public records request.  That request, as denominated above, was submitted  23 days ago to Mr. Todd Kamoot and GRU’s designated address for public records request submissions, as follows: 
This public records request is for any and all emails sent or received from (Todd Kamoot’s) email account for the period 6/1/2020 to the time of response to this request. 
I understand GC-CARE has received no response of any kind from GRU.  Therefore, as counsel for GC-CARE I am providing this notice of denial. 
I will delay any action flowing from GRU’s denial of GC-CARE’s public records request until the end of the day Monday, July 6, 2020, If by 5 p.m.Monday July 6, 2020 GRU provides GC-CARE all non-confidential public records responsive to this request covering the first ten days of the request period (Monday June 1, 2020 through Wednesday June 10, 2020) after those records have been reviewed I will meet with my client to determine whether to proceed further in seeking the remainder of the requested records which by the end of next week will include emails covering a 40 day time period. 
Ray Washington
Attorney and Counselor at Law 
(352) 284-2222 
Public Records<>

Mr Kamoot:

This public records request is for any and all emails sent or received by your email  account for the period 6/1/20 thru the time of response to this request. 

Thank you for your prompt response.