PR Request 2020-01-06-2 – Analysis Performed by an “external auditing firm”

RE: Public Records Request 2020-01-06-2
Diane M Wilson<>

Good afternoon,

In response to your Public Records Request below, you will find the City of Gainesville’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for FY18 completed by the auditing firm Purvis, Gray and Co. at the following link:

The findings of the firm can be found on page 223.


Thank you,

Diane Wilson

Interim Finance Director



Re: Public Records Request 2020-01-06-2

Lee R Feldman<>

Your requested has been forwarded to the Finance Director for processing.

Lee R. Feldman, ICMA-CM



Public Records Request 2020-01-06-2

From: Public Records <>
Reply-To: Public Records <>
Date: Monday, January 6, 2020 at 4:54 PM
To: Feldman, Lee R, Jones, Tony R.
Cc: Shalley, Nicolle M.
Subject: Public Records Request 2020-01-06-2

This is a public records request for all records of the full analysis performed by “an external auditing firm” of the City of Gainesville‘s financials to ensure the city “identified oversights and inefficiencies in its internal control system” as referenced by City Manager Lee Feldman in his  November 12, 2019 official written statement sent to members of the city commission among others.

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