Another fire at DHR last month

Do we still need more reasons for GRU to STOP RUNNING DHR?

During Tom Brown’s summary presentation to the UAB on 01/09/2020 he mentions an incident at DH2 and Kelly but failed to mention the fire at DHR. Of course, the UAB didn’t notice or bother to bring it up either.

GRU Operations Dashboard for December 2019 (presented to the UAB on 01/09/2020)

3. Deerhaven Renewable (DHR):  

a. On 12/18/2019 the plant experienced wood fuel smoldering in the hogger building that carried over the dust suppression system. This incident required Alachua Fire Department to respond to address this potential fire issue. Prompt response by AF minimized damage to several bag in the dust suppression baghouse. Investigation revealed the source of the smoldering was a metal piece in the fuel mix that was not removed by our magnetic separator. When this metal piece entered the hopper the metal to metal contact resulted in the wood smoldering, and the water suppression system could not stop the smoldering promptly. We will be looking into options to beef up the capability of the current magnetic separator to prevent reoccurrence. (From the GRU Operations Update Report for Dec 2019)