GM Ed Bielarksi discusses bailing out on FP&L Deal (Letter to CComm & Facebook comments)

Ed Bielarski’s email to the City Commission:

“Mayor, Commissioners and UAB members,

“After continuing discussions with representatives of FPL and with an abundance of caution, I have decided to place a pause on the process related to the Network Services Agreement (NSA). I am doing this in the best interest of the utility and its customers.

“The plan we brought before the City Commission, even if it had been approved that day was contingent on further due diligence and executing an arrangement that would ensure GRU would not incur any costs other than those we had presented. My discussions with FPL today have led me to believe they may not be able to meet that contingency.

“As a result of this pause, I will not be conducting a public meeting on Tuesday, Jan 28, or bringing the agreement before the Commission on Feb.6. I will continue to update you on any new developments related to the NSA.”